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I can help you build a business you will be passionate about.

My name is Lisa and I have spent years studying and working in the wellness field as both a sales professional and a coach. I wanted to develop a successful business where I could apply my passion for wellness in benefit of others.

…and i can show you a better way to build that business.

I came to realize that the process I used to develop my business could be improved and I assembled a team of experts to do just that. We have applied cutting-edge technology and best practices from a variety of sales and marketing disciplines to improve the ease, speed and results of building a dōTerra business.

it all starts with
exceptional products.

The core product of my business is dōTerra essential oils because I believe completely in the power of essential oils to heal, help and improve wellness for all. I chose dōTerra because I believe completely in the integrity, expertise and ethics of this organization.

dōTerra products are sold by a global community of wellness advocates like myself. This method of selling is often referred to as multi-level marketing but I see it as a logical way to staff and grow a business.

I spend most of my time supporting the people I introduce to the dōTerra opportunity and I love what I do. I make a very good living by helping others to succeed with dōTerra and I can show you how to do the same.

when you succeed I succeed. that is why my team and I provide this support at no cost.

The wellness biz team

our people

Lisa Lalonde

Lisa Lalonde


Lisa leads the Wellness Biz Team and directly coaches and mentors all of our client advocates. She is focused on attracting new people to the dōTerra opportunity and then helping them to maximize that opportunity to achieve their life goals. Lisa shows our client advocates how to leverage the resources provided by dōTerra and apply the proprietary tools developed by the Wellness Biz Team to build their business faster and with greater success.

Kate Howes

Kate Howes


As senior art director and designer on the Wellness Biz Team, Kate is responsible for the creation and execution of all design elements. Her design skills have been employed by advertising agencies and a long list of companies including New Piper Aircraft, Harley-Davidson, Apple Self-Storage, and the Sick Kids Foundation.

These organizations relied on Kate to create a broad range of communication materials including logos, packaging, trade show materials, direct mail campaigns, brochures, websites and e-marketing campaigns. Kate now applies her considerable talents on behalf of the Wellness Biz Team to create marketing support materials for our advocates.

Blair Minnes

Blair Minnes


With over 25 years of experience as a brand strategist, Blair applies the disciplines of branding, research and measurement on behalf of the Wellness Biz Team. His proven approach uncovers insights that motivate consumer behaviour.

This makes Blair ideally suited to convey brands through the written word and he has created advertising copy for many award-winning campaigns. Blair has worked with companies such as Unilock, Howard Johnson Hotels, Harley-Davidson and Molson Breweries and he is now focused on supporting the advocates of the Wellness Biz Team.

Vicky Marsolais

Vicky Marsolais


Vicky is a seasoned business strategist and leader who operates at the intersection of data, marketing and business performance. Vicky helps organizations better understand and leverage their customer and organizational data to transform their performance. Vicky is now applying her extensive cross-functional leadership experience on behalf of the Wellness Biz Team where she can marry her business acumen with her life-long commitment to the practice and promotion of a wellness-based life.

Rosalinde Craig

Rosalinde Craig


Rose is an award-winning producer and editor of documentaries, commercials, TV series and corporate videos. She was among the first to complete the post-graduate course in film and television at Sheridan College and she has specialized in 2D animation and visual effects. Rose has produced work for Harley-Davidson, Sears and All-State Insurance and now creates video tools for the Wellness Biz Team and its client advocates.

imagine a life of freedom and abundance.