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a golden opportunity

many people who start a direct selling business fail, because they don’t have the right support to succeed.

It is a fact that more people fail in direct selling businesses than succeed. Most direct selling organizations offer support in the form of training videos and advertising materials but these do not address the primary reason people fail: their inability to consistently attract new customers and salespeople to their business. This is not a task that can be left to chance or even tenacity. A technology-based, marketing-savvy approach to identifying and attracting customers and salespeople is required to truly realize success.

The Wellness Biz Team is a group of professionals focused on helping passionate wellness advocates build a successful business with dōTERRA Essential Oils. dōTERRA has established a model for marketing their products that facilitate the personal essential oil experience while allowing individuals and families to achieve their dreams for financial independence.

Our team represents unparalleled expertise in marketing, customer acquisition, data mining and customer relationship management. We utilize cutting-edge technology and proprietary processes to help you build your dōTERRA business faster and with greater efficiency.

There is no fee for this support. You pay only the regular costs of becoming a dōTERRA advocate and receive the support of the Wellness Biz Team at no cost.

imagine a life of freedom and abundance.